Neuroscience 602, 614, 615, 616

Winter Term Principles of Neuroscience Courses: Neuroscience 614- Sensory Systems, 615- Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience and 616- Clinical and Translational Neuroscience. This course is the second half of a comprehensive introduction to neuroscience. The 3 course modules make up an entire semester long introduction to Neuroscience topics, each lasting a third of the semester.

614- Sensory Systems covers: auditory system; visual system; olafactory; somatosensation and other topics as time allows.

615- Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience: Topics will include learning and memory; motivation; circadian rhythms; stress and cognition; and these will be discussed with respect to psychiatric illness. 

616- Neuropathology covers: trinucleotide repeat disorders; movement and psychiatric disorders; epilepsy; Alzheimers and other dementias. 

Course Year

Class Term: 
Winter Term