Chelsea Phillips

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Post Doc
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B.S. in Biology and Humanities, Indiana Wesleyan University, 2017


Admission year: 2017

Advisor: Anuska Andjelkovic-Zochowska

Research Interest: Determining molecular mechanisms contributing to hemorrhagic lesion progression in cerebral cavernous malformation type 3, specifically focusing on a 20kDa isoform of connexin 43

Honors, grants, and awards:

Rackham Regents Fellowship (2019-2020)
Cerebral Vascular Biology International Conference Travel Award (2019)
Rackham Graduate School Travel Award (2019)
NIH Early Stage Training in the Neurosciences Training Grant (2017-2018)
Rackham Graduate School Pre-Candidate Grant (2018)

Service and Leadership:

Neuroscience Graduate Program Recruitment Coordinator (2019, 2020)
Neuroscience Graduate Program Outreach Coordinator (2018-2019)
Neuroscience Graduate Program Peer Mentor (2018-2020)
Addressing Leaky Pipelines: Climate of Research Committee Member (2018)
Michigan DNA Day Ambassador (2018, 2019)
Young Scientist’s Expo Ambassador (2018)

Career Goals: Academic Research investigator in the field of cerebrovascular biology.

Hobbies: Crafting, listening to music, doing crosswords, reading