Daria Tchessalova

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Research fellow-Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Research Unit-Biogen
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B.A. Behavioral Neuroscience; Psychology, Connecticut College, 2012

M.S. Neuroscience, University of Michigan, 2016


Admission year: 2014

Advisor: Natalie Tronson

Current project: I study the long-lasting consequences of a systemic inflammatory event on hippocampal-dependent memory processes. I am particularly interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms mediating persistent memory deficits after subchronic immune challenge in males and females. 

Other interests: Memory and cognitive decline during aging; autobiographical memory changes in Alzheimer's disease; neuroimmune signaling and mood disorders; glial dysfunction in memory-related disorders and neurodegenerative diseases 

Teaching experience: Introduction into Biopsychology (Fall 2015, Instructor: Brandon Aragona), Introduction into Biopsychology (Winter 2016, Instructor: Martin Sarter), Human Neuropsychology (Fall 2017, Instructor: Jillian Hardee)

Honors, grants & awards: NIDA-T32-DA007281, Rackham Travel Award, SFN 2017 Trainee Professional Development Award

Hobbies: Traveling, catching up on favorite shows