Rafi Kohen

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B.S. in Biology and Neuroscience, Brandeis University, 2014


Admission year: 2014

Advisor: Roman Giger

Current project: Involvement of myelin-associated growth inhibitors in the regulation of activity-dependent and homeostatic synaptic plasticity

Other interests: Mechanisms governing synaptogenesis, maintenance and regulation of activity with a focus on excitatory/inhibitory circuitry balance

Teaching experience: Graduate Student Instructor for MCDB 351: Synapses

Honors, grants & awards: Rackham International Student Fellowship
Rackham Pre-Candidate Graduate Student Research Grant
Rackham Candidate Graduate Student Research Grant

Service & leadership: Coordinator of the 2016 NGP Recruitment Weekends

Career Goals: Biomedical consulting, life sciences liaison, business of the biosciences, scientific publishing editor, or industry research

Hobbies: Cooking, dancing, swimming and yoga