Sharena Rice

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B.A. in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, California Lutheran University, 2015

Post-Baccalaureate (PREP) trainee in Dr. Michael Sutton's lab, University of Michigan (2015-2016).

Admission year: 2016

Advisor: Omar Ahmed

Research Interest: Sensory sytems neuroscience of spatial navigation.

Current Project: Studying neural circuits of the retrosplenial cortex.

Other Interests: Cyberbetics technologies

Teaching experience: GSI for NEUROSCI 614, 615, and 616: Sensory & Systems Neuroscience, Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience, and Translational Neuroscience graduate student winter modules. Discussion facilitator for Science in the Global Workspace Module in the PiBS 503-Research Responsibility and Ethics all-day marathon (2016, 2017), Teaching Assistant for MIRCORE's Lab on Wheels Biotech Field Trip (2017).

Honors, grants & awards: Neuroscience Scholars Program Associate, Rackham Professional Development Grant, Kresge Hearing Research Institute Training Grant for Hearing Balance, and Chemical Senses, Rackham Merit Fellowship, Travel Award for the Finding Your Inner Modeler Workshop at University of Illinois Chicago.

Service & leadership: College Day with the Center for Educational Outreach, Panelist on the Ins and Outs of Graduate School at ABRCMS, Panelist on What it’s Like to be a Scientist with Wolverine Pathways, Social Chair/Public Relations for the Association of Multicultural Scientists (2017-Present), Neuroscience Retreat Organizer (2017), Outreach Chair for the Neuroscience Graduate Student Organization (2016-2017), Rackham Student Government Biological and Health Sciences Representative (2016-2017), PiBS Social Leader (2016-2017).

Career Goals: Expand potential of what humans and machines can do together.  Invert sufferings in ways that scale. Stay both humbled and inspired.

Hobbies:  Visiting the Zen Buddhist Temple Ann Arbor; my former residence. Learning about technology, philosophy, and neuroscience on the Clubhouse app.