Tibin John

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B.A. in Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry, Kalamazoo College, 2015


Admission year: 2017

Advisor: Omar Ahmed, rotating student.

Other interests: I am interested in discovering how dynamics and computation are related in the brain to advance biologically-inspired algorithms and technologies. I primarily work on data analysis and computational modeling to supplement experimental work.  I have several years of experience modeling and analyzing empirical aspects of hippocampal theta rhythm generation and control in relation to spatial navigation and anxiety, and of putative molecular, cellular, and network determinants of breathing rhythm generation in the Ventral Respiratory Column of the brainstem.

Teaching experience: Computational Neuroscience Teaching Assistant, Kalamazoo College (2014-15)

Honors, grants & awards: Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship, MICDE Scientific Computing Fellowship, NIH IRTA Post-baccalaureate Fellowship, Graduated summa cum laude with honors in Math, Biology, Chemistry, TEDx talk on network-level neuroscience research approach

Hobbies: Golf, basketball, community choir