Amanda White

Admission Year:
Graduation Year: 

B.S. in Psychology, Pennsylvania State University, 2012


Admission year: 2015

Advisor: Jacek Debiec

Current project: Investigating the social regulation of fear in infant rats and its underlying neurobiology

Other interests: Short and long-term behavioral and neurobiological effects of early-life stress, development of the oxytocinergic system, social behavior

Teaching experience: Teaching Assistant for MCDB 351: Synapses (Fall 2016)

Service & leadership: Annual Neuroscience Retreat Planning Committee (2015-2017), Journal Club Coordinator, Neuroscience Graduate Student Organization (2016-17), Member, Mentoring Youth and Early Leaders in Neuroscience (2015-present), Executive Committee Member, BrainsRule! (2015-present), Executive Committee Member, Greater Questions in Neuroscience Seminar Series (2015-2016)

Hobbies: Baking amazing brownies, reading, coffee, concerts, spending time outside