Lucas Huffman

Admission Year:
Graduation Year: 

B.S. in Neuroscience & Psychology, Central Michigan University, 2015


Admission year: 2015

Advisor: Roman Giger (CDB)

Research Interest: My over-arching interest is in neuroimmunology, specifically investigating the role of the immune system in inhibiting and promoting neuroregeneration and remyelination following traumatic injury.  I am currently investigating the role of the phosphate Fig4 in myelination and efferocytosis  - the phagocytosis of apoptotic cells - in a demyelinating and neurodegenerative disease. 

Honors, grants & awards: Training Program in Translational Research, (T32 Training Grant, 2016-2017); Rackham Candidate Graduate Student Research Grant (2019); Sarah Winans Newman Graduate Student Teaching Award (2021)

Service & leadership:  Ginsberg Center (Graduate Academic Liaison, 2019-2021)' BrainsRule! (Finance Chair 2015-2017, President 2018-2020); miRcore Lab on Wheels (Teaching Assistant, 2019); DNA Day (Education Coordinator & Ambassador, 2019): MYELIN (Volunteer, 2015-2017): GQIN, Greater Questions in Science (Coordinator, 2015-2017).  

Career Goals: My primary goal is to teach and mentor, and facilitate through whatever means I can.  I will soon be pursuing a career in research administration to aid the medical school in its endeavors!

Hobbies: I enjoy cooking exciting dishes, playing racquetball, rock climbing, and enjoy game nights with close friends.​