Robert Doherty

Admission Year:
Graduation Year: 

Neuroscience B.Sc., University of Bristol, 2009, 


Admission year: 2015

Advisor: Gabriel Corfas

Current project: Investigating the role of ErbB4 signaling in cortical development. My research is focused on creating novel ErbB4 mutant mice to dissect the signaling pathways responsible for its roles in development.

Other interests: I am interested in the cellular, molecular and transcriptional regulation of neurodevelopment and the development and role of glia in brain function.

Teaching experience: GSI for Neurobiology Lab MCDB 423, Personal tutor for AP Biology high school students, Training laboratory technicians

Honors, grants & awards: National Science Foundation GRFP Honorable Mention, Hearing Balance and Chemical Senses (HBCS) Predoctoral Training Grant

Service & leadership: Co-chair of the Neuroscience Spring Symposium, 2017: Glia Biology in Brain Health and Disease. Organizer of the Greater Questions in Neuroscience colloquium series. BrainsRule! outreach program organizer. Volunteer participant for Females Excelling More in Math, Engineering and Science (FEMMES) and Mentoring Students and Early Leaders in Neuroscience (MYELIN). Social Chair for the NGSO. Consultant for MiLead Consulting.

Hobbies: Playing ice hockey, tennis and other sports. Playing my guitar. Cooking. Enjoying time with my wife, dog and (soon!) child.