Ivaylo Dinov

Office Room:
4341 SNB
Office Building:
School of Nursing, Div II 400 N Ingalls
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Core Faculty
Computational Neuroscience
Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics, Medical School
Associate Director for Education and Training, Michigan Institute for Data Science

The Statistics Online Computational Resource (www.SOCR.umich.edu) employs advanced data science, computational statistics, predictive analytics, and mathematical modeling techniques for interrogating Big Neuroscience Data. Using neuroimaging, genetics, clinical, biosocial, and environmental data, SOCR methods, techniques and tools are applied to brain development, maturation, and aging in health and disease (Normal cohorts as well as various disorders like Autism, ADHD, AD, PD, ALS, etc.) 


Tumor Animation                   Predictive Big Data Analytics