Darleen Sandoval


Darleen Sandoval is currently an Associate Professor at University of Michigan. She received her Ph.D. in Exercise Science at Arizona State University and received a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Vanderbilt University in the Division of Endocrinology. Dr. Sandoval’s work focuses on the interaction of the gut and brain in regulation of metabolism. Dr. Sandoval's research surrounds two general themes both focused on the role of the gut-brain axis in metabolism. The first focuses on the role of a gastrointestinal peptide, GLP-1, in regulation of energy and glucose homeostasis. GLP-1 is made in the gut, the pancreas, and the brain and Dr. Sandoval’s work focuses on the role of this peptide in normal glucose regulation, how dysregulation of GLP-1 is involved with the onset of type 2 diabetes mellitus, and how increases in GLP-1 seen with bariatric surgery contribute to diabetes resolution.  The second focuses on the adaptations of the gut-brain axis with bariatric surgery and how this contributes to the profound weight-loss and improvements in glucose and lipid homeostasis seen with these surgeries. Both research themes leverage the state-of-the art neuroscience techniques here at UM, and combine this with sophisticated surgical and metabolic phenotyping capabilities with the goal of defining the critical gut-brain axis neurocircuitry that is involved in mediating the success of bariatric surgery.