Joseph Corey

Office Room:
11G Geriatric Research
Office Building:
11G Geriatric Research, 2215 Fuller Rd
Cognitive Neuroscience


Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Assistant Professor, Neurology

Our laboratory takes advantage of a cell's ability to use contact guidance when it contacts topographical or patterned surface chemistry on the cell length scale. Neurons and glia use these features to determine their direction of elongation and migration. We have used and improved methods to electrospin aligned nano- and microfibers composed of biocompatible polymers to help direct regenerating neurites. We are currently interested in determining which combinations of fiber diameter and alignment, combined with growth factors and ECM proteins electrospun into the fibers (including gradients) maximize the speed and directional control of regeneration. We are also investigating electrical stimulation of neurons using fibers composed of conducting polymers. Lastly, we are interested in whether stretching injured and developing neurons can affect neurite growth and what effects this has on the health and energetics of neurons.