Alika Sulaman

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B.A. in Nueroscience and Behavior/Minor in Computer Science, Vassar College

Admission Year: 2019

Advisor: Dr. Ada Eban-Rothschild

Current project: Investigating the functions of dopamine signaling during REM sleep

Other interests: Other neuroscience interests: Astrocytes! Microglia! Gut-brain interactions! Non-research interests: making science more accessible and fun for non-scientists; increasing equity in academia.

Teaching experience: I have applied to be a GSI in the Winter 2021 semester. I have also created and shared a hands-on science activity with museum staff and patrons.

Honors, grants & awards: Rackham Merit Fellow

Service & leadership: DEI Climate and Retention Task Force member, BrainsRule! Schools Committee Member, NoBrainers member (UM Speaking of Science workshop co-developer)

Career Goals: To be a lifelong learner, think creatively and independently, give back to communities that have helped me, be kind.

Hobbies: Reading science fiction, nature photography (very low-key), hiking/outdoors time