Alxandr York

Admission Year:

B.A. in Psychology, Minors in Cognitive Neuroscience, Spanish, and Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Central Arkansas, 2019

Admission Year:  2019

Advisor: Michael Sutton

Other Interests:  Memory consolidation, working memory, sleep, neural correlates of consciousness, and social neuroscience

Teaching experience: GSI for Introductions to Cognitive Science / University of Michigan 2021, TA for “The Search for Self” course / University of Central Arkansas, Honors College / 2018

Honors, grants & awards: Student Undergraduate Research Grant / Arkansas Department of /Education / 2018

Psi Chi Research Grant / Psi Chi / 2018

Norbert O. Schedler Honors College Schaolarship / University of Central Arkansas / 2015-2019

Service and leadership: Scientific Communication Fellow - UM Museum of Natural History, NGSO Co-Social Chair, Brainsrule! Planning Committee (Finances)

Hobbies: Video Games, reading, and socializing

Career Goals: Become an established and independent scientist at a leading research university