Amanda Iglesias

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Admission Year:

B.A. in Psychology, California State University - Fullerton, 2017

Admission Year: 2017

Advisor: Shelly B. Flagel

Current Project: The focus of my dissertation is to elucidate the role of subcortical hypothalamic-thalamic-striatal circuits in driving individual differences in cue-motivated behaviors. To do so, I will combine chemogenetic, optogenetic, and neurochemical approaches.

Other Interests: Cooking, crafting, hiking, and playing with my dog.

Teaching Experience: GSI for PSYC 331 (Undergraduate class - Biological Psychology for Non-Neuroscience Majors)

Honors, Grants, & Awards: NIDA T32 Training Grant, European Behavioural Pharmacology Society Travel Award, Rackham International Travel Grant, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, Rackham Merit Fellowship, NIH MARC Scholar

Service & Leadership: Financial Coordinator for BrainsRule!, Volunteer Coordinator for Saturday's with Scientists, Science Education & Engagement for Kids Volunteer, SACNAS Travel Scholarship Reviewer, NGP Whitaker Workshops Coordinator

Career Goals: I want to pursue a career in academia and am positioning myself to be able to work at an R01-granting institution. I also want to be the director of a program designed to propel URMs into research (e.g. MARC, RISE, or McNair). 

Hobbies: Hiking and crafting