Chloe Rybicki-Kler

Admission Year:

BS Biochemistry and English Literature & Language (Honors), LSA Honors College University of Michigan, 2018

Research Interests: Consciousness, learning, memory, motivation, sensory processing and epigenetics

Teaching Experience: Sweetland Writing Center 2016 - 2018: Peer Writing Consultant, Dental School EHyguene Writing Consuktant, LSA Honors Undergraduate Thesis Workshop Collaborator and Group Leader.  Non-partisan political organizer and volunteer training leader, MLCV 2018

Career Goals: Tenured prinipal investigator and teaching post at an academic research institution, followed by public office as a state-level legislature in Michigan.

Hobbies: Reparative justice through environmental advocacy, culinary anthropology, art history, distance running, service dog training.