Emily Januck

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Admission Year:

Bachelor in Science in Cell & Molecular Biology, Concentration in Neuroscience, Minor in Chemistry, John Carroll University, 2022

Name Pronunciation:  Januck (Jan-ick)

Research Interest:  Translational Neuroscience, Neurodegeneration

Honors, grants, & awards: I graduated Magna Cum Laude from John Carroll University and was on the Dean's List for 7 semesters. There, I was also a member of the Jesuit Honor Society and the Honors Program.

Service and LeadershipI am a Social Media Coordinator for Brains Rule! and participated as a student host for NGP Recruitment..

Career Goals:  I am interested in either entering an industry-related job where I get to work on treatments for neurological disorders or working as a Medical Science Liaison where I get to communicate the latest research to physicians.

Hobbies:  I enjoy going for nature walks, playing trivia, and doing the New York Times Spelling Bee.

Advisor:  Andrew Lieberman, Md, PhD

Teaching Experience:  I was a teaching assistant for General Chemistry at my undergraduate institution for 3 years. I also taught weekly basic science lessons to 6th grade students at a local middle school as a part of a club called "It Starts With STEM."

Pronoun Preference: she/her/hers