Emma Huels


B.S. in Psychology, University of Missouri-St. Louis. 2016

Admission Year: 2018

Advisor: Dr. George Mashour & Dr. Dinesh Pal

Current Project: We are interested in understanding the role of cortical regions in consciousness using anesthesia and psychedelic substances as model systems.

Research Interests: Nueral correlates of consciousness. 

Teaching Experience: I was the graduate student instructor for the graduate-level neuroanatomy course (NS 570/571). 

Honors, grants, & awards: Regents Fellowship from the Neuroscience Graduate Program (2019); NIH T32 Early Stage Training in the Neurosciences (ESTN) Training Grant (2018)

Service & Leadership: DEI Outreach & Activiism Task Force.  Events coordinator for Publications to the Public (Pubs2Pubs); Volunteer for F.E.M.M.E.S

Career Goals: Currently, my career goals are consistent of pursuing a career in Acedemia at a large institution, such as the University of Michigan.