Genesis Rodriguez

Admission Year:

B.S. in Neurobiology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2018

Certificate in Chicano and Latino Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2018 

Admission year: 2019 

Advisor: Dr. Sami Barmada 

Current Project: Investigating the physiological function of vacuolar protein sorting factor 13A (VPS13A), and how loss of this protein leads to the neurodegenerative disease Chorea Acanthocytosis.  

Honors, grants, and awards: Rackham Merit Fellowship 

Service and Leadership: 

Neuroscience Graduate Program Representative for the Biomedical Graduate Student Government (2019-Present)

Neuroscience Graduate Program Representative for the DEI Biomedical Career Series Committee (2020-Present)

Middle School Volunteer Tutor and Mentor at the Opportunity to Educate Children in Ann Arbor (2018-Present)

Content Editor and Translator for the Michigan Science Writers (2018-Present)

Volunteer at the Feria de Ciencias at En Nuestra Lengua Saturday School (2019, 2020)

miLEAD consultant for the miLEAD Consulting Group (2020-Present)