Jean Carlos Rodriguez Diaz

Admission Year:

B.S. in Biology, University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Campus


Admission year: 2016

Advisor: Kevin Jones

Current project: Our research in focused on determining the role of NMDA receptors in network activity. In particular we are studying how NMDA receptor antagonism influences chemical induced oscillations. 

Other interests: I am also interested in how the activity of specific channels can influence the overall activity of the neuronal network and how this network activity later influences behavior. 

Teaching experience: GSI Neuroscience 611 (Neuropharmacology, Developmental Neurosciencec, and Computational Neuroscience), Fall 2016

Honors, grants & awards: Honorable Mention NSF GRFP (2016)

Service & leadership: Member of Myelin (2016 -Present) , Brain Rules

Hobbies: Strategy games, swimming, canoeing, playing the piano,