Katie Emery

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Admission Year:

BA in Neuroscience and Behavior, Vassar College, 2019

Admission Year: 2019

Advisor: Peng Li 

Current Project: I'm currently working on designing a project to better understand the feedback between breathing and emotion, specifically how breathing changes in anxiety and depression-like behavior, and how manipulation or control of breathing can feedback to mediate those emotions. 

Research Interest: Stress, reward, learning

Other Interests: I am a volunteer high school soccer coach and I row for Ann Arbor Rowing Club

Teaching Experience: Not quite there yet, but I designed a multi-week storytelling workshop to help high school students develop their science communication skills. 

Honors, Grants, and Awards: NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Honorable Mention  2019

Service and Leadership:  Involved with the Aspirnaut High School Internship Program for students from rural communities 

Career Goals: That is so far away and changing on a daily basis, but I think I'd like to teach at a small college with a focus on research mentorship