Lauren Rysztak


BS in Neuroscience, BS in Spanish, University of Michigan, 2018

Admission Year: 2018

Adviser: Dr. Emily Jutkiewicz

Current Project: I am studying the neurobiology underlying the ability of cocaine paired cues to elicit and maintain drug seeking behavior using behavioral and neurochemical techniques. 

Other interests: In collaboration with Dr. Robert Kennedy, I am measuring endogenous opioid peptides in vivo during behavioral tasks of conditioned reinforcement.

Teaching experience: I was a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) for an undergraduate neuroscience course, Cell & Molecular Neuroscience (BIO 222) in Winter 2020. 

Honors, Grants, and Awards: NIDA T32 Training Grant, Behavior, Biology, and Chemistry Travel Award, Rackham Pre-Candidate Research Grant

Service and Leadership: Neuroscience Representative on Biomedical Graduate Student Government, FEMMES Executive Committee Activities Coordinator, Volunteer for BrainsRule!

Career Goals: I aspire to work in business development in the biotech industry