Luis Rivera

Admission Year:

Biology, University of Puerto Rico - Ponce, 2016 

Admission year: 2017 

Advisor: Michael Roberts, PhD 

Current Project: We are interested in understanding the cellular mechanisms that govern the cholinergic modulation of neurons in the auditory midbrain and how this modulation affects sound processing. For this, we use electrophysiology, in combination with pharmacological and molecular approaches. 

Teaching experience: 2020 - Physiology 592 - Integrative Neuroscience, 2018 - NS Bootcamp with Dr. Roberts 

Honors and awards: 2020 - Hearing, Balance and Chemical Senses Training Grant; Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant (Candidate); Gordon Research Conference Carl Storm Underrepresented Minority Fellowship; Neuroscience Graduate Program Diversity Student Travel Award; 2020 Association for Research in Otolaryngology Travel Award

2019 - NSF-Graduate Research Fellowship Program Honorable Mention

2018 - Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant (Pre-Candidate); Advanced Research Training in Otolaryngology Program

2017 - Rackham Merit Fellowship 

Service and leadership: Recruitment team member for PIBS 2019, NGP Summer Program Volunteer 

Career goals: My long-term career goal is to become a Medical Science Liaison and use my expertise to develop new drugs and treatments for neurological disorders. 

Hobbies: Table Tennis