Marie Walicki

Admission Year:
Graduation Year: 

Admission Year: 2019

Advisor: Dr. William Birdsong 

Current project:  Our lab studies how opioid signalling alters neurotransmission in pain related circuits. I am currently looking at KOR-mediated activity alters neurotransmission in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex. 

Other interests: in vivo electrophysiology, implantable optogenetics and bioengineering, chronic pain and opioid addiction 

Teaching experience: not yet at UMich, but was previously a TA for CSE 130, an intro to coding course

Honors, grants & awards: NIH T32 Trainee, NIDA T32 Trainee

Service & leadership: Neuroscience Representative on Biomedical Graduate Student Government, Association for Women in Science Member, UM Opioid Solutions

 Career Goals: I hope to do good science! I hope to contribute to the advancement of tools and treatments for chronic pain, and opioid addiction. And mentor women in STEM along the way!

Hobbies: Aspiring Yogi and Amateur Chef/Cocktail maker