Veronica Beck

Admission Year:

Vice President-miLEAD Consulting


B.S. in Neurobiology, Georgetown University, 2016 


Admission year: 2016

Advisor: Lori Isom

Current project: I am interested in studying intestinal and metabolic dysfunction in a Dravet model of epilepsy, as well as potential therapeutic effects of a ketogenic diet in this model.

Other interests: All things related to gut-brain-axis (ie. nutrition, microbiome, gustation, and the subsequent effect on neurological development and function)

Teaching experience: Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for Genetics (2014, 2015) and Biochemistry (2016)

Honors, grants & awards: Systems and Integrative Biology T32 Training Grant (2017 - ), Rackham Student Research Grant (2017)

Service & leadership: Rackham Student Government – Division I (Biological and Health Sciences) Representative serving on the Academic Affairs and Budgetary committees, consultant for miLEAD

Hobbies: Eating, biking, hiking, sitting on beaches, petting animals