Zanna Mohamed

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Zanna Mohammed   [Zah-na Moh-ha-med]

Gender Pronouns: she/her/hers

B.A. in Biology, New York University, 2016

Research Interests:  Molecular underpinnings of psychiatric disorders (namely PTSD & addiction); HPA axis dysregulation; sex differences; neuroepigenetics

Career Goals:  To develop novel therapeutics for PTSD and advance our understanding of trauma-related disorders; to assist vulnerable communities through education, empowerment, & access to treatment; to join a global research team investigating the epidemic of trauma-related disorders; to be a swashbuckling, traveling scientist

Hobbies:  fiction writing, the Batman mythos, language learning, global music from the 50's - 70's, record store hunting, pilates & strength training, classic film, psychological thrillers, pop art