Funding and Awards



Funding & Awards

Students in the Neuroscience Program are supported primarily by a combination of positions on training grants, research assistantships and University fellowships. We have exceptional funding success, including NIH and NSF as sources. What makes our training program so unique are the exceptional resources available across the University. The training program also requires one term as a graduate student instructor (teaching assistant).

The Neuroscience Program has sufficient resources to allow us to guarantee full financial support for every student who is an American citizen for as long as they are members of the Program in good academic standing.  This includes tuition and fees, health care, and a stipend for living expenses.  In addition, the program makes funds available for each first and second year student to attend one scientific meeting each year.

All International Students need to apply through the PIBS program in order to guarantee funding that is identical to the package described above. This includes tuition and fees, health care and a stipend for living expenses.

Our students have had great success with receiving individual fellowships and awards from some of the following institutions and foundations:

Program Awards

Each year the Neuroscience Graduate Program recognizes outstanding contributions and accomplishments by our faculty and students. Four awards are given annually:

Outstanding Faculty Service Award
This is a cash award to recognize and thank a faculty member for outstanding service to the Neuroscience Graduate Program over an extended period of time. Service is defined broadly and can include classroom teaching, mentoring Ph.D. students, committee service or administrative service such as directing training grants. Students or faculty members may submit a nomination. In your letter of nomination, explain why you think the individual merits the award. The current and immediate past director and associate director and all previous award winners are ineligible.
2010- Mike Sutton 
2011- Ed Stuenkel
2012- Jill Becker
2013- Audrey Seasholtz

2015 Rachael Seidler

Outstanding Student Publication Award
This is a cash award given to a current student who has published a significant paper or series of papers. Previous award winners (all have defended) and students who have submitted their final dissertation to Rackham are ineligible. A nomination is made by the mentor for work done at Michigan and should include the following:
1) A nomination letter from the mentor that describes the significance of the work and, if there are multiple authors, the contribution of the student to the work.
2) A letter of support from one other member of the Program that addresses the significance of the work.
3) Copies of the paper or papers. Please submit papers as PDF files. Papers that are in press are eligible, but papers under review are not. 
2010- Sonya Jakawich
  Neuron:”Local presynaptic activity gates retrograde homeostatic changes in presynaptic function driven by dendritic BDNF synthesis”
2011- Megan Greenwald-Yarnell
  Endocrinology: “Molecular Mapping of the Neural Pathways Linking Leptin to the Neuroendocrine Reproductive Axis “
2012- Travis Dickendesher
  Nature Neuroscience: ”NgR1 and NgR3 are receptors for chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans”
2013- Shanna Resendez 
  The Journal of Neuroscience: "Opioid Receptors within Subregions of the Striatum Mediate Pair Bond Formation through Parallel Yet Distinct Reward Mechanisms"

2015-Elyse Aurbach- Proceedings National Academy of Sciences: "Fibroblast growth factor 9 is a novel modulator of negative affect"


Fine Science Tools Graduate Student Travel Award
One award of $500 will be made to assist travel to the 2012 SFN meeting for a candidate-level student, who is presenting an abstract at the meeting.Previous award winners are ineligible (all have defended).
A nomination should include:
1) A nomination letter from the mentor explaining the significance of the work and addressing the source of any other travel funds available to the nominee.
2) A copy of the abstract
2010- Travis Dickendesher
2011- Brad Carter
2012- Megan Greenwald-Yarnell
2013- Joshua Azevedo  

2014 Chris Valdez 

2015 Josh Haight 


Fine Science Tools Postdoctoral Fellow Travel Award
One award of $500 will be made to assist travel to the 2012 SFN meeting for a postdoctoral fellow, working in the laboratory of a Program faculty member, who is presenting an abstract. The abstract must represent work performed while at Michigan. Previous award winners are ineligible.
A nomination should include:
1) A nomination letter from the mentor explaining the significance of the work and addressing the source of any other travel funds available to the nominee.
2) A copy of the abstract
3) A copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae
2010- Paul Meyer
2011- Robert Schmidt
2012- Michael Robinson
2013- Jung Hwan Kim

2014 Shannon Moore 

2015 Max Oginsky 

Internal University of Michigan Funding

Barbour Scholarship

Susan Lipschutz, Margaret Ayers Host and Anna Olcott Smith Awards for Rackham Graduate Students

King-Chavez-Parks Initiative, Future Faculty Fellowship Program

Harold & Vivian Shapiro/John Malik/Jean Forrest Awards

Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant
Rackham Conference Travel Grant
Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Awards-Rackham

External Funding

Society for Neuroscience-Neuroscience Scholars Program
Michigan Society for Neuroscience-Founders Award

UNCF/Merck Science Initiative

American Association of University Women
Michigan Society of Neuroscience-Poster Award Graduate Students
Society for Neuroscience- Travel Awards for Graduate Students
National Institute of Health Individual NRSA awards
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program
Ford Foundation Fellowship Program
Individual National Research Service Awards