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The Global Research Engagement Opportunity offers outstanding opportunities, including funding, for reseach growth and collaboration. Our goal is to provide students the opportunity to engage in global experiences related to scholarship and research, and to develop international collaborations that will expand their education and careers. This initiative facilitates the pooling of intellect, and the creation of centers-of-excellence in the international arena. Exchange programs are currently in place with the Medical School at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland; and Sagol School of Neuroscience, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel. Additional partner universities are currently in the process of affiliating. Consider, and explore, the options and possibilities of advancing your research on an international level. 


Application Process and Information


The current GREO initiative enables doctoral students across all Departments and Programs within the Medical School, as well as Ph.D. students from participating institutions, to conduct research at the partner institutions as part of their doctoral training.  Financial resources are provided to facilitate the global exchanges with each institution covering the funding for exchange of its own students with the partner institution. For application and funding details, please see below or contact Carol Skala


Application Process-Two Steps: 

Prior to application:

1) Identify a research group at the collaborating university in which a collaboration may significantly advance you as a scholar or your Ph.D. research.

2) Establish contact with a PI directed research group at the collaborating university.  In addition to email\phone interactions, Skype, Google Hangout or other live video/chat platforms are recommended for introductions and discussion of specific projects and resources.

Application files:

1) Complete an application

3) Develop and submit, to the GREO Director, a brief research plan description (1-2 pages), and how the experience will enhance your research/career development. 

4) Student CV.

5) Two letters of recommendation: one from your dissertation mentor and one from the hosting PI.

Research Summary:

Submit final report of the research experience to the Joint committee within a month of return from the host university.


International Program Affiliates


Trinity College-Dublin, Ireland


The grace and charm of Dublin meets high-tech biomedical research at Trinity College

Trinity College School of Medicine is involved in a great number of research programs across multiple disciplines.  Research activities within Trinity College School of Medicine are focused in six major thematic areas: Neurosciences, Immunology and Infection, Genetics, Cancer, Molecular Medicine, and Population Healthand research is conducted in state of the art facilities on the main Trinity campus, and in affiliated teaching hospitals St. James and Tallaght. There is a major emphasis on Translational Research in the School .






   Tel Aviv, Israel    

Tel Aviv mixes an ultra-modern city with centuries of history offering an outstanding environment for international scientific collaboration and research. 



Neuroscience research is an expanding field at University of Michigan (UM) and at Tel Aviv University (TAU). This partnership brings together researchers from different faculties and disciplines creating hubs for collaboration and excellent academic programs.  In the framework of this collaboration, PhD students from both universities will have the possibility to visit and perform research work at laboratories of the other university for short-term visits (2-5 months) to enhance the collaboration and joint research between the two universities. For participating faculty and research programs at Tel Aviv University, please check the web link to the Sagol School of Neuroscience.  Note that the breadth of neuroscience involves faculty spaning the biomedical discipline (e.g.pharmacology, biochemistry, cell & developmental biology, genetics, cancer).