Student Venture Competition-The Startup

January 2016
Associated faculty or students:

Teams from across campus — and both undergrads and graduate students —  have signed up to compete. Several are commercializing technologies that were born in faculty labs.

Neurable, for example, is working with the U-M Direct Brain Interface Lab to develop a non-invasive system that could let people who can't use their limbs control machinery by moving their eyes. The team has already gone through the CFE's National Science Foundation-funded Innovation Corps program to help it identify its target markets.

"Our intellectual property allows for never-before-seen, non-invasive, real-time control of technologies like wheelchairs and cars to people using only brain activity," said team leader Ramses Alcaide, a predoctoral fellow in neuroscience in LSA. "We want to win The Startup so we can begin development of our final prototype and putting our life changing technology into the hands of users."